About the artist

Hello everyone.
In my youth, I often loved creating stories patterned after the comic strips and comic books I grew up with.
Though I never held a professional career as a cartoonist, I still like and enjoy the idea of sequential storytelling to this day! I been chasing this dream for so long back at a time when web comics didn’t exist as the next big medium. However, nowadays is such an exciting time for any artist to reach their audience via the internet! And if there’s anything I learned from my first foray in the craft is to never give up!
 I since recently started Comics Creation and Home drawn Studios websites as my personal projects headquarters. This web comic is my second attempt after nearly 17 years of first coming up with and wanting to share the story of Dragon in the Woods. That’s a long time for a story to be stuck in my head, and has been quite refined since. But the art will be much better at this next go!
Currently, I’m getting set up to complete a buffer of newly revised comic pages at a pace that my free time will allow until I have enough DONE before I announce the comic’s debut in the last half of this year. Meantime, I’ll be posting here some finished character sheets, concept and cover art. I’ll even post some finished preview pages in my patreon account when it’s time.
You can learn more about what I’m currently up to at my personal site: ComicsCreation.com where you’ll find links to other social medias I have accounts with.
And please remember to SUBSCRIBE here to be notified of any news and posts leading to the web comic’s debut this fall!
Good stuff is coming here soon.. excelsior!
-David Vázquez